Tresallier Flitters "Nellie"

Rostock Jugensieger -11

e.FTCh ShCh Uman du Bois Courcol u.FTCh ShCh Catja vom Junkenhof



Pappa                                                   Mamma



My first home                                                   Lovely surroundings   




The profile                                                                    Chubby me




Cute                                                                            Now we are talking future.




I am very fast                                                               Trying the bag before our flight


 Finaly in Sweden 



My new poodlefriend Tim                                                 Here with the old girls




Playing with my BIG brother                                             I think the sofa is better then the doggybed




It is sooo... fun




What?                                                                          A little rest



Not my best pose                                                           Frogface (have to bite webcreator)



12 weeks old (mountaingoat)                                            overcrowded



What?????                                                                    Nice and cool. I like!                           At 15 week



I like to play "klingfilm"                                                    4 months and one week old



Copycat                                                                       Have I done something bad?



                                                                                  No water in the pool!



I did not know that I was not allowed to be on this side, I just jumped over the gate



I can not stop loving this sofa                                        Supervising a small puppy at the backgarden



Looong legs                                                                 Resting with a 10 weeks old golden puppy



First Breton meeting





BIR/BOB vid Skk utställning i Lidköping 8/5 2011


8/10 2011 Rostock jugen sieger. Excellent Bir junior Junior cert. På bilden är Nellie så trött

efter en heldag på utställningen.


BIR/BOB Vårgårda 20120818 BIS 4                          Foto:Rita Sjöman Prytz


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